Houses and apartments cleaning

Houses and apartments cleaning in our offer is very wide, so you can choose specific services that you are interested in. Thanks to the wide range of different activities we can perfectly adapt to your requirements.

Office cleaning

We deal with complex cleaning of offices and corporate buildings from a few dozen thousand to several thousand square meters in the area of Krakow and its surroundings. High hourly flexibility makes office cleaning possible during office hours or after.

Post-renovation cleaning

Cleaning after renovation is one of the most difficult types of cleaning, so let the professional do it. With a qualified staff and the use of the best cleaning products available on the market, we can quickly and efficiently clean your home, office or apartment.

Green care

Cleaning is not just about keeping rooms, premises, apartments or houses clean, but also about their surroundings. That is why our company, in addition to house cleaning, also provides services in the area of green areas.

Cleaning the Communities and Cooperatives

Our company is willing to take orders from communities and housing cooperatives in Cracow. We have a lot of experience in cleaning these types of objects always taking care of the greatest comfort of the inhabitants.

Washing windows and facades

The offer of washing windows and facades is addressed both to companies and private individuals. Each order will have it’s individual solution. The offer consists of internal washing of windows, sites and elevations.