Cleaning the Communities and Cooperatives

Froter's offer also includes the cleaning of housing cooperatives. Our company will gladly take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in such a property and taking care of the comfort of its residents. Our employees have the experience and knowledge in conducting cleanliness in such facilities.

Cleaning services for cooperatives and housing associations include the following services:

  • Cleaning of stairwells,
  • Washing handrail and entrance door,
  • Cleaning of elevators,
  • Washing windows and window sills,
  • Cleaning of underground garages,
  • Other established activities.


In addition, Froter offers care for the surrounding green areas: grass mowing, sweeping pavements, parking lots and snow removal, pavement and other pavement protection against sand and salt slipping.

Regarding the cleaning of housing cooperatives we are very flexible, so please contact us in order to meet your expectations and create a co-operation that meets all needs and requirements of the client.