Post-renovation cleaning

Process of the renovation is necessarily connected with the obligation to clean the renovated room. It is worth to hire a cleaning company to save time and get even better results than expected.

Due to the fact that Froter offers the highest quality of service and employs experienced staff, cleaning after renovation will be very fast and smooth. Using appropriate, professional cleaning agents will enhance the effect of cleaning.

Cleaning after renovation depends on the the room / room size and, for example, the individual needs of the customer.
The range of activities includes:

• cleaning of floor surfaces of various types,
• window cleaning,
• cleaning equipment,
• cleaning radiators, radiators, etc. .
• And other items that needs to be clean after the move-in process

To order cleaning after renovation, we invite you to contact us - we will set details of cooperation - price, range, details of cleaning, individual requirements from the customer side.


Cleaning services after the renovation works in Cracow and its surroundings. Please contact us.