Post-renovation cleaning

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Doing the renovation is a moment waiting for everyone, but we can not immediately enjoy the new changes in our home or apartment, because we have to ... clean up first. It seems that cleaning is a greater struggle than the entire renovation process. All refurbishments that were carried out brings dirt and dust with itself. Home equipment and chemicals do not always allow you to bring your home to the right condition. It is a good idea to call a suitable cleaning team with cleaning agents, equipment and tools that will not only be effective but also very quick to clean the apartment and allow its occupants to use it. However, it is worth remembering that there are several ways in which you can better protect your own home and reduce the negative effects of renovation.

It is very important to safeguard valuable things like furniture, home appliances and rtv. It is also worth taking the time to protect the window frames, which cleaning is extremely time consuming. If renovations do not take place in the whole apartment, it is important to close the non-repaired areas and adequately seal the entrances to them, protecting them from dust.

Upon completion of the renovation, cleaning should be started from the top of the room. The main thing to start cleaning is from vacuuming the ceiling, washing the lamps. Then it is worth to vacuum walls and furniture. The next step is to clean the windows. The last step of poreont cleaning is to wash the floors.

It is more convenient to hire a cleaning company because they have industrial vacuum cleaners that remove a very high percentage of poreontal dust. Then we proceed to wash the wet room.

One of the most important elements is the selection of suitable cleaning agents. In some cases, also equipment plays a big role -microfiber cloths help to dry out the dust from the furniture and other surfaces.

For poreontal cleaning, it is worthwhile to reach for a suitable mop, it can be washed not only the floor, but also the walls and ceiling. A convenient solution is to purchase a telescopic pole that allows for accurate cleaning of hard to reach places.

In spite of indicating several ways to get the room soon after the renovation, it is worthwhile to put on a convenient solution and employ a professional cleaning company, which will quickly and efficiently save man from unwanted activities such as washing windows.