Short term rental – cleaning

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Short-term rental is now a very profitable business for the owners of housing dedicated to this purpose. Of course, the attractiveness of an apartment / apartment or other premises is influenced by
many factors, such as its location, standard of furnishings, accessibility to shops, city center or parking space, etc.

However, obtaining financial benefits from such an operation is only possible with a good quality property management. An essential element is the complex service of this place. Froter offers new services to take care of your apartment or other premises in order to provide the highest possible comfort for the resident and at the same time to minimize the efforts made by the landlord.

Froter offers a full range of short-term rental services including: cleaning of the apartment (eg wiping, floor cleaning, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning with proper preparation), changing of bed linen, changing of towels, washing and disinfection of the bathroom, disposal of rubbish. Cleaning also involves cyclical window cleaning.

Froter is also willing to work in a different way than the one mentioned above so it is a good idea to contact the company directly.

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